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Our Story

At TECH VIBES, we passionately believe that every company has different needs. By leveraging on the latest technological-driven means of networking, we can help global companies connect with skilled talent who will drive their business and growth.

We provide permanent and contract recruitment consulting for commercial, not-for-profit, and public sector clients, as well as our service-focused engagement model, Talent-On-Time.


TVC concept was born.


Establishment Of Field Engineering services.


Privileged to become a supporting anchor for Talent Improvements.


Collaborated with a training partner focusing on Upskill & Reskill


Over 1000+ members joined our journey in career progression and introduced the SMART-EYE concept.

Our Values

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We seek only the best talent to meet our client’s requirements.
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We stretch out limits to deliver superior results.
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Loyal to corporation.


We plan, commit and deliver with discipline.
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United and respect for each other.
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Honest and upright.

Tech Vibes Consultancy : Why Us?

Our motivation was simple; we wanted to provide the best professional recruitment services at the most reasonable rates while integrating the new formula of recruiting methodology. Out of desire, we develop a new process that uses a combination of candidate short interview video-clip and secure web-based profile. We launched this process the “SMART-EYE” concept.

This makes the hiring process simple, productive, time-saving, and cost-effective.

On-Campus Recruitment; The main objective is to get students a job right after they have finished their education. It is well known that as time passes and each generation comes they are more fluent and comfortable with newer technologies more than the past generation.

We also offer a money-back or placement guarantee!

Over 1000+ members joined our journey in career progression.

Professional Area of Specialization

Field Engineering Support

Oil & Gas


Information Technology

Digital Enablers


Accounting | Finance | Tax

Human Resources | Administrative

Sales & Marketing

Our Expertise



Is a solution that will bring the advantages of using an external professional recruitment consultancy, within the reach of those organizations that previously felt that cost was a barrier. It will also deliver significant savings to organizations that currently spend a lot on contingent recruitment services.

ToT fosters a closer relationship between supplier and client, to ensure a smoother, faster, and more effective process, as time becomes a more important factor. Efficientcy against time becomes the priority for the supplier., and so the benefit of engaging TVC as a professional service rather than a contingent supplier, becomes immediately evident.

Using the ToT model of engagement, on average our clients can expect to spend 20%-40% of what they would normally spend on the traditional contingent model. As your provider, TVC can focus more on the quality of the process rather than the speed against its competitors, and the risk inherent in contingent recruitment no longer plays part in our fees.


Project Consulting

Based on industry best practices and our own experience in the field, Momentum’s Project Management services ensure that projects are completed efficiently to meet customer expectations. We do this not only by monitoring project milestones as they happen but also by supporting staff members as they complete project tasks.


Field Engineering Support

Our field engineers are monitored by our experienced team of engineers and outdoor local technical experts that are prepared to react to any requirement in a matter of hours. We are always ready for the challenges.

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      Our Team

      Account Avatar Chrome.I10.2k

      Co-Founder and Industrial Consultant (Yogeswaran)

      Virtuous. Undaunted. Blue sky thinker. A mentor.

      Welcome, I am Yogeswaran the Co-Founder of Tech Vibes Consultancy (TVC), a technology company that enables future staffing solutions for Businesses. I started TVC with Rizwan Haneef back in 2017 with a group of Field Engineers to support end user computing and Asset Disposition Services.
      I am especially passionate about this industry, the people and the work that we do. At TVC, we will be opening opportunities for hiring and placement balance. I believe that there is more merit in what we could provide for our communities.
      With the launch of TVC, we aim to be a firm that truly brings value, that puts talent first and become a true partner to the organizations we work with. TVC is focused on how we can partner with these companies by utilizing technology to improve and advance the staffing industry as we know it.
      Account Avatar Chrome.I10.2k

      Managing Partner and Business Development Manager (Rizwan Haneef)

      Optimistic realist. Bold. People person. An exponent.

      Hello, I’m Rizwan, the Managing Partner and Business Development Manager at TVC.
      Overseeing and identifying promising prospects through the recruitment process to attract new clients and partners are part of what I do.
      Furthermore, I establish and grow business relationships with clients and partners, identifying their needs effectively to contribute to the company’s top-line revenue growth.
      Fostering a positive and collaborative environment within the organization is imperative to me.
      I ensure the company remains active and attractive by researching new technologies of recruiting.
      I am zealous about the future of the society and community. It just fills my heart with joy whenever a candidate lands on a job as it represents a stepping stone towards their success.

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